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Edens Zero Anime ๐Ÿ†š Manga | S2 Episode 5

This animation was *chef's kiss*. We need so much more of this level

The calm before the storm. Can't compare to the curves of Manga...

Pretty solid adaption, I just don't like the high contrast with these kinds of scenes. Homura >>

Manga looks so much cooler

Anime really going for a villain vibe with this one which is probably a bit sneaky of them.

Rebecca's torture begins... I seriously don't understand the OST choice for this, just took all the seriousness out of the scene

Homura looked so good

I'm so surprised the actually showed him getting shot, I'm sure anime only were even more shocked!

Zoomed in quite a bit

This scene/punch really lacked impact for me

The manga Drakken looks so cold

This scene was also weirdly impactless in terms of movement, but Shiki VA ๐Ÿ‘

Rebecca's pain... just makes you realise how much is coming for the crew, they don't deserve this



He is him, but WHY DO THAT TO WEISZ?!!

Great voice acting, manga is most of these has more emotion though

Pain, pain, pain


Drakken literally and metaphorically stepping all of Shiki...

An iconic panel that means much more where the manga is at currently.

"Your Adventure is Over"

Blood splatter was soo good, pure carnage

Goodbye Shiki, your death is the real start of Edens Zero

Love how maniacal they went with this!

Absolute boss, authority unquestionable. Anime missing on the emotion here though


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