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The Pair's Wish



Well! I wasn't expecting this from their interaction but the two Queens of Hundred Year Quest delivered a chapter worthy of their statures, one of the best, for me, in a long long time. Irene, I'm so sad to see you go, so much potential in the character, absolutely gorgeous, badass, smart and all round elite female, but with your sacrifice, the new Queen in Selene lives. It's true, I never really thought Irene had truly come back so this loss isn't as hard to take, plus I really love how much sense this whole chapter made, the flow of the conversation, the emotional beats, Wendy and Erza being thrown in there, both Selene and Irene having moments of weakness, great job Hiro!

I like how they ended the story of Irene, another canon baby for the shippers to enjoy but a heart-warming ending at the very least. I wonder how Wendy and Erza will react..? Also, Elsie leaving us in EZ, while Irene leaving us in HYQ... :(

Irene, you will be missed!

Date Published:

Nov 30, 2022


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