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An Uninvited Guest



The best thing to come from HYQ has RETURNED!!! IGNIA HYPE!!! 😤😤

Before we get into the chapter, can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact we've got to 100 chapter, ALL of which I have managed to keep up with and edit over these past few years. It's been a struggling and grind at time but getting to these stages makes it so sweet, I hope you guys enjoyed the journey too 💙

This chapter just made me realise just how good this series is when they focus on the big boys, and they don't get bigger than Ignia. The whole Natsu growing super quick to fight the swordsman (always forget his name) was predictable, even if a tad annoying but hey, at least they threw in some fun with maths with it 😂. The whole introduction of Ignia again was great, the fact he can show just how OP he is with a few pages, even to the point Selene is looking genuinely worried. Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Date Published:

Jan 26, 2022


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