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Flight of the Valkyrie



Seems as though all the reunion stuff has finally come to an end and the new story can progress. I like that we got a mention of Kris not having his revenge on Muller. The scene with Laguna and Witch was brilliant, I hate how many story points Mashima forgets about but the one with Weisz threatening Laguna before the war and then losing Witch and nearly blaming Laguna for it was definitely a good scene that needed to be acknowledged.

Now onto the MVPs of this chapter, the Sheild and Sword of Edens. Damn. I knew Valkyrie would be cold, but I'm loving the pure solo confidence and pleasure in being the real muscle of the crew. I do hope we get some clarity on her/Homura's role now, as I feel Homura is being a bit let down here, but for now let's just enjoy a badass Valkyrie. Muller and time travel.... could we see them going back to 3 years in the future???

Date Published:

May 31, 2023


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