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The Vanishing Planet



I was right about the Laguna actor thing lol, too obvious but glad he got to live out his dream a bit. Rebecca in this outfit is too cute, defo my favourite.

Shiki persisting on this friendship thing better have a good pay off somehow. Valkyrie adding a bit of mystery to Edens One was very interesting, not quite sure what she could mean by it but maybe its something to do with those 12 warriors of the past, and that's why Xenolith is on his side as a former comrade.

Xenolith himself NEEDS a redesigns loool, hopefully he becomes much more menacing but this feat of destroying a WHOLE PLANET, brilliant, about to OSG is shown to actually have some planet threatening level of power. Shura is back in the picture and I am almost sure he is going to be as scummy as ever, which I loved for plot and hated for him at the same time loool.

Date Published:

Apr 24, 2023


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