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Yes yes yes. New characters and an absolutely amazing imposing-looking villain. One Void is ready to take the mantle of Ziggy and I am so for it, now with the OSG too, this is going to be great, hopefully, the potential is not wasted this time!

Great to know Acnoella and Cure are back but I think we all expected that, they were fodder in the last universe, however, Xenolith being allied with Void is something very interesting, glad he wasn't just forgotten. I like that we have 3 more new characters with a mystery to learn about, makes you think the universe isn't so closed off which it shouldn't be. I particularly liked the part where Weisz tells Shiki to not be a child, this whole happy world thing has gone on too long, and reality needs to hit.

The whole Laguna thing, almost certain he's being an actor lol

Date Published:

Apr 3, 2023


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