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Kurenai's Tears




Ah man. This Homura positivity was so needed for her, she's been through more than enough to deserve some happiness. Valkyrie being alive is absolutely great, I hope it adds a new dynamic to the team and the reason makes absolute sense. Homura and her having silly misunderstanding seem to be a theme 😂.

Also, anyone else realising Valkyrie's new outfit? Looking very similar to OSI, do we think her and Creed joined the organisation? About time they get reintroduced.

Finally, Madame Kurenai. Like I said last chapter, even though she was an iredeemable scumbag in the last world, there's no way I'm saying no to bringing another stunning Queen into the mix, don't wanna waste the potential haha. Her story was so sad, it seems her good looks always make her a target, you can only imagine the digusting things she had to endure all to see her Daughter again. I guess the difference between the worlds is original Kurenai snapped and went all out evil whereas this one kept her humanity for Homura. That hug was a thing of beauty, now onto the Shining starts reunion!!!

Date Published:

Apr 3, 2023


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