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Requirements of a Hero




Have a feeling this chapter is going to be very divisive. Personally, I don't have much of an issue with Draken being redeemed, it's Shura I'm worried about. The only two things for me are, I wish this "befriending" route Shiki is taking was a bit more foreshadowed for this world specifically, so like a few chapters back
(I know he's been friend obsessed for ages lool) and I just hope we get to see full-power Draken in action.

Now for me the most important thing in this chapter, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HOMURA?! Why doesn't Mashima let our female leads catch a break 😭😭. All of us had hoped Valkryie would be alive and with all the good happening Mashima played us so badly. This arc better be fire for Homura!

Date Published:

Mar 15, 2023


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