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Form of Ether




Firstly, Sister brings all the personality to this crew 😂😂, I love it, how is she so annoyed at them for not remembering she just pummels them senselessly and then becomes docile again to say she can just heal them haha.

Homura not remembering, although annoying, I kind of like she's getting special treatment, hopefully, this means something big is coming for her development.

Now, onto the main point of this chapter, Nero teaching Shiki was a surprise but a very cool one, and even more so that we found out you can have multiple ODs!!! I knew these would not be final forms but I wondered how they would go about introducing new things, guess we're going a Digimon kinda route 😂.

Ziggy route looks AMAZING. Now the ending with Shiki saying he's going to befriend both Shura and Drakken was surprising, but then again not, if we just look at Shiki's past, so interested to see what happens next!

Date Published:

Mar 8, 2023


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