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Sea God




- Calling it now, Laguna will be working for Emperor Shura
- Hope now that Sister is the leader of rogue out we actually get to see them and it isn't just useless lore for the sake of lore
- Sister calling Draken to tell them they're coming is too funny
- Rebecca and Weisz being able to get revenge and being able to see what level they have retained 💪
- Moscoy actually being useful! Thank you for saving the queen
- Shiki dealing with the fodder easy af
- Then finally the return of one of my favorites, Nero! But along with it comes so many questions, what is he doing working for Drakken, why is his ether now water? Where is Laguna? Why does it seem like Shura has now become Emporer?! This is what I've been waiting for, developments that make us go WTF. Can't wait for more!

Date Published:

Feb 8, 2023


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