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Our Rebecca finally has some good happen to her, poor baby has been through too much trauma, she deserves this moment more than anyone. It was totally understandable for her to not show too much emotion too all the new revelations because she must've come to terms of being abandoned by her parents ages ago and didn't want to let herself fall into that pain of believing they actually are there for her now 😥

Rachel's story is a real sad one, it does make a lot of sense, and the image of seeing her search THOUSANDS of worlds and seeing both the people she loves so dear die each time is immensely painful. For some reason though I'm not entirely convinced this is all from Rachel, maybe some lies were told or some truths left out... This all happy route seems a bit off... maybe that's me being affected by all the messed up stuff with Cure, Shura, Acnoella and everyone else 😂

I like how new parties are being added to mix of the story with the church as we lost A LOT of good characters in this last arc, excited to see where this goes!

Date Published:

Nov 29, 2022


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