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Within the Fading Years



Man, what an eventful arc, the crescendo to the climaxes were amazing, so many cool moments and reveals, some parts where the ending didn't hit exactly how I wanted but overall a great arc.

I am super shocked Mashima has gone down this route with Elsie, but with how he's been getting rid of all the main players in the last few chapters, maybe I shouldn't be surprised. Half of me is glad we can get rid of the Jerza/Jelsie thing but I feel as though there was so much more to see with Justice and Elsie, as with so many of the other characters that have been 'disposed of'... :/

The ending itself was super sweet, it made sense with Elsie having just lost basically everyone she ever loved, she had enough of fighting against everything and really wanted to cleanse her time, it was beautifully sad. No onto the next and FINAL arc!!!

We could all kind of tell Hiro was rushing the ending of this arc, and now we know why, the finale is upon us! That seems weird to say as it seems like Edens Zero only just started but it's actually been over 4 years loool. What do u guys predict to happen?

Date Published:

Nov 15, 2022


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