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From the Depths of the Earth



Who would've thought it? Mashima really gave us the answer as soon as he told us where the true evil is but we were too blind to see it 😂

I never thought this would be the route we go, I never really like seeing a big bad just be a massive entity, rarely goes well and you actually feel the villain is real in a sense, but I have hope for the future of the story. I still don't really get Hermit's speech about how she realised it was Edens One if I'm being honest 😅 but I guess it doesn't really matter now.

Eraser was my favourite again this chapter, his nonchalant attitude is brilliant, Shiki and Pino moment was cute and the pensive look from Connor to Rebecca just reminds us that there is a lot of fallout to deal with yet. Lastly, Sister looking sad on her own after losing another one of her friends... 😭😭, Idk how we ever thought it would ever be her as the villain.

Date Published:

Nov 8, 2022


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