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Before we get started, please check out the chapter video on the website as it has my preferred choice of music that I can't use here because of copyright, I think it fits much better and gives me goose bumps lool., Having to now care about copyright since I became a partner is such a plus but also annoying af with song selection 😫

Brilliant. What an end to a superb character. I had my reservations when reading the raws but after reading the dialogue and the flow of the chapter, Hiro, you've nailed it. The use of the old moves that Ziggy taught Shiki when he was young culminating in him saying both in the past and the future to hit him with everything he has... *chef's kiss*. I love how smart Shiki was in this, in controlling his anger but also realising the final blow was necessary even if he hated it. I know some of us saw more pain and evil to come from Ziggy, and it does feel a bit cut short knowing he was more of a puppet but the whole arc, when looking at it from a step back was so well ended here. Now, what happens in the story!? So many possibilities.

Date Published:

Nov 1, 2022


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