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If We Don't Have to Fight...





I loved this chapter, so much happening!!! Let's go from the beginning. Elsie, I believed in you and you didn't dissapoint. She was firm in her resolve which led her to stage a rebellion when she was a child in stopping her Mother last chapter and many people saw that as a changing point to evil for her but if anything it just showed her development in not letting emotion stopping her from doing what needs to be done. The scene of her breaking down is so sad, poor girl has lost nearly everyone. GET HER ON THE EDENS ZERO NOW!

Then we go to Hermit and the backlogs, I knew it was a misdirect but seeing Ziggy clearly hiding something in the conversation with young Elsie just brings up more questions... also, why am I worrying a Rebecca villain twist is coming??

Finally... PINOOOOOOOOOO. This was too sad, Ziggy going straight for her, Pino still calling him master after he captured her, her realisation this is the end, Shiki desperately struggling and then her final words being she wishes to reborn human... 😭😭😭

THEN BOOM! SHIKI RAGE + NEW OD. I love these rage scenes so so so much. I become a little child when they're done right so I'm so excited for next chapter!

Date Published:

Oct 25, 2022


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