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Hiro, mate, why all the death???

I have very mixed feelings about this chapter. For one, I love the Homura and Elsie shining, elite female characters that need more epic moments. The whole Mobius plotline seems very interesting, but with quite a lot of things in this arc, it all seems a bit too convenient and rushed in explanation whereas it probably is a much bigger thing. Elsie had been getting a bit looked down on by the fandom recently after she 'lost' to Ziggy but in my eyes that was never a loss, she was in complete control till real Ziggy slipped out so to see her come out like this and give no f's even in the face of her mother was EPIC.

Now... coming onto Acnoella. Another fallen soldier.. another fallen OSG... Hiro, why have you made and hyped up all these characters just for them to get half a chapter's worth of exposition and then get killed off?? I understand these surprising deaths are needed in a series every now and again but it's been way too frequent this arc, Wizard, Cure, Dead-end Crow and now Anoella. I think the handling of all these villains is a bit weird and makes me feel as though we're going to get a reset soon and go to universe 4 because otherwise, what a waste. Also, Elsie and Erza both have mothers as the queen of dragons... I want some distinction between the two! C'mon Hiro! I still have hope that future chapters may change my opinion of this chapter so onward to the next!

Date Published:

Oct 18, 2022


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