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Poor Elsie 😢 What has she done to deserve all this 😫

The whole scenario just HAD to be played out by that scum Jessie, although we get his motives and all, it doesn't excuse how sadistic and pathetically he treats other people's lives. I wish he hurt a bit more when he bit the dust but to see him gone will have to do. I do find it really odd how Gowen and Hyoga have been offed without practically any screen time and have a bit of hope that some Rebecca time-travel saving will occur... more like I really hope so for Elsie's sake. At least they managed to 'save' Elsie even in their dying moments by undoing her restraints, now to see her go off in some form or another which I have no idea what will be.

What I find interesting is that Elsie and Homura both have had moments now where they lament the fact that death follows them... I wonder why Hiro has chosen to do this 🤔

I'm siding with Rebecca on this one, I'm very worried about what's to come, so many people on edge and ready to kill, Homura and Justice, Elsie's rage, Shiki's will to kill Ziggy. So many things need answers!

Date Published:

Oct 11, 2022


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