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The True Enemy




Mashima is just dropping bomb after bomb with these chapter but each one just leaves me wanting more. I must admit, this whole trend of just, stating these big reveals is leaving a bit to desire with some MASSIVE pieces of information being dropped in the last few chapters, like Ziggy/Shiki, like Cure and now Ziggy backstory, I feel like Mashima could've revealed this all in a bit more of a creative way but hey ho, we move.

The reveal itself though, Ziggy actually was, in his mind at least, Shiki's grandpa but had his body used after his death, is so sad on already painful story that Ziggy had to go through. I do doubt that Shiki manages to kill him in the next chapter though, we can't see Ziggy leave in such an anti-climactic way. The BIG reveal though was that there is still a TRUE ENEMY and they come from the cast current on the planet. I literally have no idea who this could be, right now, just because it will be fun to look back on, my top 3 picks are:
1. Nox (Obvious choice alongside Acnoella just because we know so little and part of OSG)
2. Feather (The whole thing about not caring about her 'friends')
3. Sister (Haven't seen her human story pop up, she knows a lot and it'd just be really interesting)

Let me know your top 3 guesses and reasons, would love to know

Finally we have the DEATH(?!) of Elsie's lieutenants and that despicable Jessie, but WTF happened here?! I need to see Elsie go absolutely off next chapter, Erza vs 100 style. Bring it on 😤

Date Published:

Oct 4, 2022


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