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Renewed Time




Okay, what in the world was this chapter. It seems as though another popular fan theory came true, Connor is Rebecca's dad?! I find this very unplausable because how the hell is he ever pulling someone as fine as Nox?! 😂

All jokes aside, for every question we get answered, 2 more pop up, why did Connor not tell Rebecca? How do the SS know? Why is there such a big age difference between the two? (Obviously time travel related)

I found the whole conversation with the OSI understandable, I'm liking Eraser more and more, but I am a bit disappointed at how... bad they are at their job? Like we haven't seen any of them be real bad ass apart from bits from Eraser and fumbling on Cure is a major no no. Kinda want them as an organisation to be more reputable, but as of right now the OSI and OSG are more meh than I thought they would be tbh.

The big part of the chapter is of course Pino, I've been waiting since the start for her big moment like this, not only does she have OD she someone single handedly stops Ziggy?! This is definitely not how I saw this panning out, but this makes a lot of sense and I'm not angry with it, it all depends on the next few chapters explanation really... so please hurry up!

Date Published:

Sep 27, 2022


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