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Dead End



Holy finally gets her revenge and shows us exactly why she's part of the OSI! I didn't see Cure's 'defeat' coming so soon after the massive reveal of him being a traitor and I'm almost certain this isn't going to be the last we see of him. To drop such a massive game-changing piece of information about the character and then bin him would be ridiculous, so I'm going on the assumption he's still alive and therefore celebrating Holy and the Crew's victory 🥳

I loved Holy being clever enough to use her knowledge on Cure against him straight away like that, seeing her sly smile and Cure's look of panic was great but the best moment was defo when Eraser turned up with his nonchalant, "yo, erasing is my job" line, shooting up my list of favorites. Great to see OSI help Edens Zero but wonder where we go from here.

Now onto the big cliffhanger, Pino confronts Ziggy! I can see this being Pino's biggest moment in the whole series, just like she said, it may be the reason she is alive, so I cannot wait to see what happens next

Date Published:

Sep 20, 2022


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