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Another crazy chapter. I must say though, as soon as the title for the next chapter was revealed I know it would be Pino. There's no way any one of the crew consciously was being a traitor, there was no set up for that. Gotta feel for Pino, but glad this is making her take a stand and not just be some useless mascot. I do wonder what will be the key to defeating Ziggy though.

Speaking of Ziggy, did anyone notice that some of the choreography of the fight is stuff we've seen earlier in the series from Shiki, like the flip onto the wall seen in chapter 1-2, nice reflection of Ziggys new found identity.

Kleene, Kris, Holy and Laguna development was lovely, finally some time for them to show their changes, like how Kris sees everyone as family now, so much so he trusts Laguna to automatically go save Kleene when normally he'd be in a rushed frenzy to do so.

WTF was that ending??? Cure?! What in the world is this arc, everyone is involved in ways you never thought they would be, does this mean Cure somehow used Dead-end Crow and was behind killing Holys sister? This is all pointing to Holy becoming a member of the crew and I for one love that idea.

Date Published:

Sep 6, 2022


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