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For all the answers we get we get twice as many questions! Hermit's reaction this chapter was exactly mine too, none of this adds up, and I know it's not supposed to yet but it doesn't stop me from wanting to know it all right away 😫

Ziggy saying half his backstory but then saying he doesn't need Shiki to know is both extremely annoying but lowkey the cool kinda act you want to see from a villain. Etherion was always going to be Rebecca but would love for the crew to see that and get their reactions. Shiki differentiating himself from Ziggy was needed and great. Ziggy's OD first impression... not the best looking but I don't hate it either, but this calls for Shiki to reach new levels with his OD and I can't wait.

The interactions between the 3 stuck in Deadend Crow was great, love Holy's cute faces, not sure how I feel about Laguna also having healing abilities though. It's not looking good for Kleene though, hard to see a way out of this without outside help, I can see the OSI coming in to save the day here.

Date Published:

Aug 30, 2022


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