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Point Zero




So I was spot on with the whole Rebecca and Shiki being transported 20,000 years into the future after trying to save everyone from the bombs theory, pretty much spot on, but I wasn't ready for more of the emotional and physical damage to our MC's. Shiki waking up and clinging onto the memories of Rebecca and trying to save her while he had lost everything himself was pain. Him remembering the quote about it not mattering if you're a robot or human, you can still be friends... 😢

What makes it worse is that when we see him with the Ziggy mask he looks at her with all those memories lost but yearning for that connection after all those years... Poor boy. Rebecca is basically confirmed to be what is behind the infamous 3443 door that we've been teased about for so long, how heartbreaking that the ship the crew had been having their adventures on was being powered by a deceased version of Rebecca... Hiro, you're creating nightmares here.

The introduction of this group of robot elders was surprising, interesting to see the role they play in the future, but their goals don't seem to align with current Ziggy, so we still don't know what changed him, which I'm sure we'll understand in the next few chapters, lets go!

Date Published:

Aug 23, 2022


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