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The moment we've all been waiting for, for years! Shiki is Ziggy confirmed! 😤

I tried my hardest to stay away from spoilers in this chapter but it's so impossible 😫. I feel as though the fact most of us had theorized this for some time, plus the whole setup in terms of paneling of the reveal made the event not hit the heights it could've however let's just step back for a second and realise how much this development changes our whole perspective on everything that has come before. Everything has a new meaning, from the decisions made in Aoi, to the words spoken by Ziggy in chapter 1, to the losing of Shiki's eye. So many things we can go back to and realise we're hints that a lot of you smart people picked up on. I actually love this twist. It has been so well done, to the point most of didn't really think much of Ziggy as anything more than a villain until the last few weeks. The ending was a surprise, I didn't this whole through-line on 20,000 years in the future was leading to the 'creation' of Ziggy but it opens so many doors and leaves us begging for more info on wtf happened to our boy to leave him in such a messed up state. The female found dead beside him was probably Rebecca so I'm expecting a heart-wrenching backstory coming soon. The crew just doesn't catch a break 😭

On the other hand, the Wind Siblings coming to save the day was nice, with good character interactions, development from Jinn, a cute smile from Kleene, and seeds being sown for Holy to join the crew. Onto next week!

Date Published:

Aug 16, 2022


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