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Big Big developments taking place right here! It's nearly time to get the reveal, who the hell is Ziggy really? Everything is pointing to him being Shiki in some form or another but part of me really hopes Mashima tricked all of us and it's actually someone else, although, I won't be mad if it is actually Shiki.
Mashima does have some explaining to do though... how is there suddenly a head another the mask when Ziggy fought Nero and lost his head but managed to survive... 🤔

Now onto the other massive part of this chapter. Deadend Crow and Holy's backstory revealed. Damn, i thought it would be harsh but Deadend Crow is holding nothing back at all, killing her sister, stripping her naked, talking about her 'dung'.. wtf? You can see why Holy is absolutely obsessed with Deadend Crow but it was painful to see her so weak after losing her ether powers.

Seeing Kris and Laguna pop out was the last thing I expected to see but I for one love it, time for the extended crew to have their moment in the spotlight, although I expect them to get beaten, a good fight is all I ask for.

Unfortunately, Mashima really chose a week where there most probably won't be a chapter next week to leave us on such a cliffhanger so expect the next chapter in 2 weeks 😡

Date Published:

Aug 2, 2022


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