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Chapter 200! Wow, to think I've followed this series from even before day 1, being excited for the release of a new Hiro Mashima work to now have seen 200 chapters worth and ended a majority of those too for my channel. I don't know how long I plan to go on but this has been a nice ride, hope you guys agree

In the actual chapter, Ziggy's mastermind ability is put on full display here. The fact he brought out the crew's parents 'to set an example' is too cruel. Weisz's face after having all that hope ripped from him was 😭. Even Homura was conflicted seeing her mother dead, and then of course Rebecca not only learning that her mother is alive, but is an OSG AND captured by Ziggy is a massive toll to bear out of nowhere, I don't blame her for not being able to continue that plan. But the fact Ziggy knew about the plan.. and then decided to use their parents as an example just shows he has everything scarily planned out, knowing that would kill the crew's plan immediately, just how much does Ziggy know?!

Onto the fight, so far was okay, and the double spread was cool, but to be honest I expected a reveal that was bigger in this chapter so kind of disappointed we left on a cliffhanger that takes us somewhere else completely... or does it?

The next chapter is called Melt and from seeing Holy's powers before I feel like it has something to do with her and we will come back to Shiki vs Ziggy later.

Date Published:

Jul 16, 2022


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