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Saintfire Nox




WHAT?! I don't think anyone of us expected these revelations in this chapter. Unbelievable!

Let's take this from the start, looks like the dark stars are actually down and out for good, they were handled well, much better than oceans 6 and allowed different characters to shine again. Deadend crow vs Holy has had so much hype now, need it to deliver. Then there's ALL of the other OSG being in Lendard, this arc just increases the stake more and more, I think we're all surprised at how fast Mashima is letting loose with the massive characters he's built, I just hope they don't end up being wasted. God Anoella vs Justica and Elsie is being teed up which will be wonderful to see.

But now let's move to the JUICY part of this chapter. Or should I say THICC. The frontier of hot moms is alive and being stored by Ziggy like some pet shop?! What the actually f? I never saw this plot point coming, but it is absolutely intuiging to see why and where this is going. Even though Kurenai is scum, having her panel's grace my eyes is not something I will be complaining about 😂

So Ziggy has somehow linked the energy that all mums possess to a special power, that must also be linked to finding 'Mother', how does he plan to use that said energy?

And finally, the BIG BIG reveal, Saintfire Nox is nothing like her silhouette, is in Lendard, AND IS REBECCA'S BLOODY MOM!?

Sooo many questions, so much excitement. Chapter 200 next is sure to be an absolute blockbuster. LETS GOOO!

Date Published:

Jul 10, 2022


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