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I can't believe some of you actually thought Homura would be defeated, and off-screen no less! Have some faith in our sword queen! I love how Mashima did this, by faking us with the current scenario before jumping back in time, I don't think he's done it before in his manga so it was very unexpected but worked a treat! The title of this chapter is confidence and seeing everyone's confidence, from Rebecca and Shiki up to Homura now has really shown the growth of our crew these last 3 years. Homura asking if she's fulfilled her duty was a great touch.

Now onto Etherion! What could it possibly be?! The fact Clown said it can help write the laws of the universe has me so intrigued, but I have a big feeling he will be stopped before he opens that door. Sister will not be going down that easily.

Note on the chapter. This was a fan-translated chapter which in all honesty I prefer not to use over the official but because I will most likely be busy on the day of the official release I decided to edit this chapter, for now, hope you guys enjoy :)

Date Published:

Jun 26, 2022


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