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Four Shining Stars Annihilated




Of course one of the most surprising chapters in a while had to be hit with translation delays 😒 The chapter itself just did a full 180 on our Shining Stars hype from last week. That sneaky Killer couldn't take defeat humbly and had to self-destruct in order to harm Hermit, and it is looking painful for her to deal with that one. Sister getting jumped by the hound doesn't worry me too much, wouldn't be surprised to see her tame the hound next chapter 😂, looking forward to her transformation. The whole Shicca scene was nice, still annoyed at how Rebecca lost so underhandedly. Now onto poor Homura, this is for sure not the last we see of this fight as we didn't even see her OD but it's painful to see her hurt like that, hopefully, it makes the redemption even better. Now for the most exciting thing about this chapter, we're finally going to reveal code 3173!!! Part of me thought Hiro had forgotten to bring it back now is so hype, can't wait for the next chapter!

Speaking of which, unfortunately, next week's chapter will probably be late again as I'm planning to go to Wimbledon to watch the Tennis for the day but I'll try my best like always 😄

Date Published:

Jun 22, 2022


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