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Fictitious Story



Hermit is reminding me more and more of Wendy, the secret MVP of the group (and other assets being similar too) I love how her confidence was justified by completely playing Killer in his twisted games. The two's chemistry in whatever scenes they're in is really great and they both shined this chapter. I said in the other chapters that Weisz's loss wasn't really a loss in my books and him returning and seemingly solving the issue of this dimension just goes to prove that.

Loved the art with Killer in the bath in this chapter. Wonder if we'll see a Sister OD soon too.

One thing that was interesting is that Killer said for Hermit to join his side, so instead of killing her he planned to switch her alliances instead... might be important for the future.

Mashima holding back on Homura and Rebecca is just getting me more and more restless.

Date Published:

May 31, 2022


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