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The Ether of All Things




HERMIT!! WOW!! I saw so many shit posts about the Shining Stars getting wrecked in their own ship again but seeing the swagger and confidence of Hermit and Sister dealing with the Dark Stars is so hype. Hermit canceling Killer's subdimension program like it's nothing and then going into Overdrive too?! She looks soooooo good. Mashima had to give her the assets she was lacking before though didn't he 😂

Now I can't wait to see Sister's transformation as well as Clown's human form. Speaking upon human form, all of this exposition is happening so much more frequently and quicker than I expected. I thought Hermit and Killer would be siblings, this doesn't exactly deny that but get the feeling they are more of friends from the memories. It is very interesting to also hear more about OD and how anything can reach OD just like Hermit did.

Special shout out to Mosco, he actually saved the day, and were we soooo close to seeing the button in action, stop teasing us Mashima!!!

Date Published:

May 31, 2022


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