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Weisz vs Killer



Finally, we getting some good Weisz content again. This fight was great in showcasing the multitude of fight styles Weisz has, his mental fortitude to not fall for the hologram trap so easily but mainly is a great exposition on the possibility of his mum actually being alive. Killer has been the best of the Dark Stars so far using his whits and nastiness to get to everyone so far, I feel like he's gonna be Hermit's brother as a human or something like that.

We will most probably get a Homura chapter next week or a bit more insight into the Weisz mum plot but I doubt we will be finishing this fight next chapter. This seems like something set up for the three of our remaining crew to get their wins all in one chapter one after another.

Do you guys think Weisz's mum is actually still alive? If so, what do you think her role in the story will be?

Date Published:

May 24, 2022


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