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Rebecca vs Clown



Shiki finally piecing together Ziggy's mystery while Elsie also has a sneaky suspicion Ziggy is still in there somewhere has thrown me as to what the actual outcome with this big bad will be. Elsie and Justice dynamic is still cool, makes sense why he's doing what he's doing. One thing I did notice is that Justice mentioned the *whole* team will be there but mentioned only the names we know, so does that mean there's been no new members to replace the ones we've lost? Kinda disappointing if so.

Labillia still baffles me as to what role she plays in this story but getting death flags for sure after this chapter. Rebecca continues to impress as the series main heroine, always improving, holding her own and showing no fear, as well as a beautiful OD design too. Feel like this fight and others will last longer than Wizard vs Shiki.

PSA: probably no chapter next week due to Golden Week in Japan

Date Published:

Apr 26, 2022


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