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Shiki vs Wizard



This might just be a massive chapter in the history of Edens Zero. That ending opened up so many questions and possibilities that we never even thought of before and I am so ready to learn more!

The fight itself was great, both Shiki and Wizard are demonstrating their levels, nice to see Wizard not being a pushover but that wasn't really in doubt with all the hype around the Dark Stars. It's interesting to see he can absorb Ether Gear, Ziggy's crew seem very overpowered in their special abilities and I don't really know what else Shiki may have up his sleeve but I'm sure in the next few chapters we'll see Shiki's improvement.

Now for the BIG reveal, Witch and Wizard knew each other before in memories that Wizard is not even aware of??? And not only that, they look human too?? This has massive consequences to the story, have all the robots actually been prior humans this whole time and that's why they have emotions?? Did Ziggy make the two of them robots through one of his plots? Are all the other stars somehow connected? So many questions and not enough time in the chapters to answer them all! WE NEED MORE!

Date Published:

Apr 12, 2022


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