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Kinda disappointed we aren't getting an all-out 4 v 4 battle but I guess it's just not Mashima's style, plus we gotta see our crew shine individually after the time skip. I like these matchups, Weisz vs Killer, Hermit's counterpart is probably one of the most exciting ones. The relationship between Hermit and Weisz is that of great friends so to see Weisz take on what should be her replacement will definitely be cool. Rebecca always has to go up against a weirdo 🙄. Homura vs Briggadine and Shiki vs Wizard has a lot of heat behind it, Homura will not appreciate Briggadine trying to replace Valkaryie while Wizard dared to use Witch against Shiki, bad bad move, and Shiki is sure to punish him. Speaking of Witch, do we think Holy is being set up to take her role, with her battle suit looking and taking up the name of Steel Sorceress? So much setup, the next few weeks should be great with all these battles! 😤

Date Published:

Apr 6, 2022


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