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Elsie vs Zliggy




Elsie is so damn strong but Hiro loves using her humanity against her, as well as puncturing her lung a few times! Leave the poor girl's organs alone 😭 I really liked how powerful Elsie is here, disappointed with Ziggy yet again though. I don't know about you guys but he hasn't really shown his prowess in any of the fights he's been in so far and uses cheap tactics to find a way to win after being out-matched initially. Elsie had this one easily but again Ziggy plays a wild card, which you do also have to give plaudits for tbf.

Another big part of this chapter was Ziggy's reaffirmation that Shiki will be the one to destroy the cosmoses, what in the world could he mean by that? Why did he lose his memories and take on a different persona? What made his old persona return? Will Elsie survive this battle (I really hope she does!)? What do you all think? :)

Date Published:

Mar 22, 2022


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