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Le Lendard




Okay, let's bloody go! Elsie vs Ziggy already?! The pacing of this war has been so fast, from one development to another in a flash. I like the fact that Elsie has been eaten up by the fact Ziggy has changed and sees it as her duty to 'save' him but I just don't have a good feeling for this one for her. Hope nothing bad happens 😭

The Shicca moment was nice, especially since it shows how conflicted Rebecca is at the moment knowing about the reality of her life and power so far, is not an easy thing to come to terms with. Finally, the Holy and Hermit dynamic is brilliant, two tacticians battling each other with their wits side by side, Hermit will defo have a say in Holy's final plan.

Date Published:

Mar 15, 2022


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