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Deadend Crow



Holy is the definition of Mommy. I'm liking her integration with the crew, her ulterior motives are not hidden to us at least so it's interesting to see what her overall plan is. Sister nonchalantly saying she'll save Labilla was nice but begs the question still, what is Labillia's role in the upcoming story? Kris making dirty references without even noticing Weisz's reactions was brilliant, with Holy having that aloof but homely vibe with Pino was cute.

The last part of the chapter was juicy, Connor mentioned how the robots are using skilled humans to get stronger, which poses problems for our crew while we find out Deadend Crow is a MASSIVE BEAST. He looks so intimidating, I love it and hope he lives up to the hype!

Date Published:

Feb 15, 2022


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