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Holy Injustice



I like this whole dynamic of the OSI, the fact they all can do whatever they want and have their own goals and ways of doing things. Holy is certainly an interesting character to introduce to the story, her background with dead-end crow, her melting powers, but also that final line "I'll go ahead and use your powers for myself", does that mean her ED is copying other people's ED? If so, she is going to be a big player in upcoming stories.

I like how we got to see that although the crew has grown, they haven't lost the dorky stupid things that made them who they are, like Weisz perving, and Shiki making friends and getting easily persuaded.

Labilla was definitely going to come back into the story with a sad backstory after the last chapter, but her dying? This could be interesting indeed.

Date Published:

Feb 1, 2022


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