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The Planet Dahlia




I certainly didn't think a swimwear chapter was coming straight after the last one but I'm not complaining! Seeing our crew not go through hell as we have been for the last year or so is a nice change of pace 😂

The big moment of the chapter had to be that Rebecca kiss, I for one am very surprised but pleasantly so, that Hiro seems to be taking their relationship-building much more seriously than he did with Nalu. Small steps but things actually change between the two. Homura always has to have her training in water doesn't she 😂. Now, i'm a bit confused with Labillia's introduction, why has Hiro decided to make her unpopular b-cuber now? Is this set-up for her having a sad backstory and joining the crew too?? I hope not!

Finally, Holy, the second beauty of the OSI. I did not expect this kind of interaction but it certainly is a welcome one. Learning more about the OSI from a less frantic pace is sure to be a treat, and who knows, maybe Holy and the crew will actually become friends. (I doubt it tho)

Date Published:

Jan 25, 2022


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