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Wander in Space



After a long long while we finally get a light hearted chapter showing the happy side of our crew from Rebecca's insane growth as a B-cuber 🥳, Kris's ridiculous new christmas tree look, beautiful Sister still being snarky as ever and the rest of the crew with their small updates. I like how Shiki had the moment where he declared his now both the shield and sword of Edens, surprising but really understandable development. The whole Captain Connor plot is something that has got me very perplexed. I have no idea what role this man plays in the story since his introduction over 100 chapters ago and everytime he does come back everything goes to 💩. There is definetely something weird going on here, why does no one remember him? Why does he not work for Ziggy anymore? What world is Rebecca in? The questions keep coming!

Date Published:

Dec 7, 2021


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