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3 Years Later



Okay wow! Shiki had a glow up and half! He's turning into a man befitting of the title Demon King and more. I love his cold emotionless looks in this chapter, a new side to him has been developed over these last three years and I can't wait to find out how and why. Probably like most of you, I'm disappointed the rest of the crew haven't changed as much, but maybe the one or two panels we've seen don't display it all and there will be noticeable changes in the upcoming chapters. but tbf the two girls were perfect as they are so can't blame Hiro too much.

I need to stay away from spoilers because this chapter's hype was had a few days ago loool, but boi, we actually that time skip goodness. The next few chapters setting up the arc can go anywhere and I love it!

Date Published:

Nov 30, 2021


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