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Proof in our Hearts that She Lived



I guess it's done. I had a slither of hope that Witch would somehow survive but this chapter really put the nail in the coffin. Our Mother of the Ship is truly gone. Seeing the reaction of all the crew was tough, from Weisz realising the weight of all losses, to Sister and Hermit not being able to comprehend the truth and then Shiki and Rebecca putting themself through such pain to try and change the unchangable. I had a feeling we'd see Rebecca attempt to go back in time and it was done perfectly by Mashima, grounding the power of Becca and showing how even her power can't be abused.

Apart from all the tears, the whole Elsie segment of this chapter gave me mixed feelings. The whole Ziggy soliloquy was epic and just adds more and more layers to the complex story Mashima is building, but the fact Elsie was hyped up in this arc just to only really declare Ziggy an enemy is very anti climactic. Although it's very sad to move on, I can't wait to see what the next arc holds for our wounded crew.

Date Published:

Nov 9, 2021


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