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I Love You




I cannot accept this.

Why Witch?! WHY?!?! For weeks Hiro Mashima had me sweating having dropped death flag after death flag for the mother of the ship but with the successful recapture of her from Shura my defences dropped and I thought we'd kept her safe but NO! Witch is my favourite girl, which says a lot from the list of top tiers we have to choose from. Her motherly influence which was finally acknowledged last chapter that kept the crew together alongside her beauty were too good to not love. A part of me still believes she can't be dead and something will happen to save our Witch and as long as Mashima does it correctly I am more than happy for that to happen.

On a side note, I don't really like the whole Shura and Ijuna weird romance side plot but the whole idea of him just not knowing love which led him to being the monster he thought himself to be makes sense. I just wish he was punished a bit more, but everything else was not too badly handled. Best Arc of the series by far, lets see how this ends.

Date Published:

Nov 1, 2021


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