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The growing parallels between Ziggy and Shiki are strong in this one! Pains me to see Shiki screaming in pain like this 😖 I kinda like how Shiki isn't able to defeat Shura however just because I wouldn't want Shiki to be power scaled up so quickly, even though I fully expect him to power up once more and defeat Shura. Throughout this chapter, seeing Shiki get pierced, Ziggy become headless and all All-link nearly being used I was almost certain Rebecca will be using her Leaper powers but I'm starting think that's not going to be the case and I'm definitely here for that! Nero is amazing btw, never expected him to become one of my favourites but not only did he "defeat" Ziggy but he put Shura in his place so easily. "The word 'victory' exists for me only"

Date Published:

Oct 12, 2021


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