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Ziggy vs Nero



We finally got the big showdown we've been waiting for, for what seems like months! Shiki vs Shura is getting serious but also a battle between Goliaths that we didn't see coming is absolutely hype! Ziggy and Nero are on different levels, their air of superiority and amazing powers are a joy to see. Never did I think that Nero would be so formidable from his introduction but that's what makes it all so much better. Ziggy has been damaged badly, I really have no idea how this one will play out even with the whole talk of special relics, which are bound to be massive to the story going forward.
Shiki finally got pushed into overdrive mode, and we were just waiting on Shura to follow suit but he looks like Nero!? That brings up a lot of questions, do they share the same ED? Is Nero constantly in OD? Does Shura have more power than just gravity?
The finale was another massive twist by Mashima, Shiki seems to lose his eye?! Without Shura having to even lift a finger?! This seems way too overpowered so I can only see the eye loss being a fake out or Rebecca rewinding time in the next few chapters because the losses occurring right now are crazy!

Date Published:

Oct 5, 2021


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