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Life Continues to Fade




So So Much to unpack from this chapter, wow! Mashima continues to keep us on our toes with all these interweaving and surprising plot points. Going in order, hearing Homura lament the fact people close to her always leave, that hurt because I can also relate personally, she doesn't deserve this 😢
Shura having a plot of using Nukes to take out Ziggy and Nero is just another reason why he is my favourite villain so far, everything just makes sense and his malice is backed up by plotting, power and brains.
Onto the BIG showdown. Jaguar was on an absolute roll and in no way did I ever see him being killed in this manner, fair enough both Ziggy and Nero worked "together" to allow for the final blow but I never thought a character of that stature would be so easily discarded by Mashima. He is really blowing away expectations. On top of that, two dark stars were wiped out EASILY too?! I thought we were heading for a Shining vs Dark stars but they weren't even worth mentioning. I have a feeling all of this death is going to be reversed as this much damage seems over the top but on the other hand I love it and makes the story so much more exciting. Finally, Nero vs Ziggy, wow, can't wait. Didn't think Nero was a fighter but damn was I wrong, Ziggy also not caring one bit about Jaguar, in the beginning, was cool af.

Date Published:

Sep 28, 2021


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