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The Madness of a Man Who Knows no Love



All my fears every single week of them being too late to save Witch are coming true 😱😭😭 No no no no no. I haven't felt this invested in a character potentially dying since I was a kid. Witch cannot go down like this, I refuse! My only hope is 6:07 when Pino says she can sense Witch's life signature 🤕

Okay, calming down a bit, Ijuna's story was *heavy*. The whole stockholm syndrome thing makes sense but boy is it morbid to hear her talk about it all with such delusion like she is, the "walkies" and even a bomb in her rectum?! Shura just keeps getting worse and worse. I really want him to get stomped but I can't bring myself to hate him or the character. Something about everything he's doing is making me really like him even though he's hurting my faves.

Date Published:

Sep 7, 2021


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