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The Beast Lord



Edens Zero has always given me One Piece vibes and this whole switch of narrative to Nero 1 with Ziggy, Jaguar, and Nero just does more to emphasize that with the ongoing storylines affecting one another and the world in general. Love it! Jaguar introduction was not messing about, absolutely brutal and somewhat surprisingly so that one of the generals can kill morbidly so easily. That just sets up the confrontation between the three even better! Back to Shura, even though I hate him for what he's doing to Witch, I love his character, finding out he planned all of this for Nero and Ziggy to fight is tantamount in showing that. Anyway, SOMEONE GO SAVE WITCH NOW!!

Also, thank you Mashima for always blessing us with these summer arts with our beauties

Date Published:

Aug 24, 2021


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